Control Your Sensitivity:

John has created a workshop to help those who have an interest to understand their own sensitivity.

This Workshop is for anyone who wishes to become aware of and learn how to understand and get in control of their own sensitivity.

This workshop is open to anyone who may struggle with their own personal sensitivity.

As we are all sensitive, it is important to understand how our sensitivity is part of our life but, it is also needed to build a good foundation within any developing medium or psychic. From the beginning we are able to understand and have an element of control of our own sensitivity in every day life.

This workshop will look at these aspects and will help you to understand your sensitivity and how to take the control back over it.

Time: 1, 2, or 3 hours of individual sessions.

Cost: €60-, €120- €160-

Date: We will make an appointment that suits you and John!

If you have any questions about training or further development feel free to ask.

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