‘Happiness begins on the inside’

*Healing is within all aspects of Mediumship. A medium can be used as a channel for energy to pass through to another person to help encourage the natural healing process within the mind, body and spirit. Mediums themselves are not healers, but with development we can learn to become the channeller of energy that can pass through us in order to help another wither it be within spiritual healing or via communication. Mediumship is a natural process and it is open to anyone who wishes to experience it. You do not have to believe in Mediumship to receive the benefits from it. It is simply being in the energy of a medium and of the Spirit World and in turn this will be passed onto you, the recipient.

There is no need for anyone to remove any clothing other than perhaps outer jackets or hats for example with spiritual healing but, even that is not actually required in order to receive healing but, it may make you more comfortable! 


Please note* Any Healing received does not replace any current medical help or medication . Healing is something that can work along side any current treatment that you may be receiving.


We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. Winston Churchill

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