John Johnson

I have been on the pathway of the discovery of my own awareness for many years. Within this journey I have been involved in the work as a Medium with more than 8 years of intensive training before moving into the work as the Teacher.

Teaching is a great passion of mine. To work to support the expression and the understanding of others and not only trying to get people to “do as i do”. I see the teacher as one who is not making clones of themselves, but to help others awaken to to power of themselves.

I am very conscious of the great impact of Self Development and of the development and understanding of the sensitive also known as the Medium in Mediumship.

To awaken to oneself, I have found it the hardest thing to do; yet it has been the best thing I could ever offer and do for myself.

Throughout my own development I work to continue to discover, what is for me, the greater understanding of John as a person as well as my own awareness within the practice of the Sensitive.

In this way, through my service as the Medium, I am becoming more and more who I am as a person. Understanding all the parts of me to help me to become myself as I am today. In being the best version of myself I can be the best for others.

Whether we are wishing to understand our sensitivity or are already working with it, the training is designed to help support your personal growth as a person within the unfoldment of your own awareness.




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