Mediums in Holland

I like to recommend the highest quality possible and to be of service to those who wish to experience true Mediumship as a “Form of Service” to our fellow man.

In the Netherlands i can recommend:

Marcelle Johnson has been involved in Spiritualism and Mediumship for over 20 years. Unlike many mediums, Marcelle has been in no rush to become a full time medium or a teacher of Mediumship, and thankfully, has taken the time to develop not only her Mediumship but herself in order to be of Service to others. Her strength is the emotional aspect of your loved ones and feeling the presence of them as well as her healing ability. To contact Marcelle click here.

Marcelle is available for Evidential sittings only in Dutch and English as well as healing sessions. 

Diana Stoet has been involved in the development of her sensitivity and the unfoldment of her Mediumship for 10 Years. Her soft manner and sensitivity is her greatest strength. Working hard on her own personal development, Mediumship and understanding has brought out the best of Diana and her mediumship. Her willingness to be of service to you and the Spirit World is undeniable, and of great benefit to those who have been to experience her service to the art of her Mediumship. To contact Diana click here.

Diana is available for Assessments, Evidential sittings in Dutch and English and healing sessions.

Caroline Nijhout has also been involved in Mediumship for 10 years. Caroline has also worked hard with herself and as the medium to unfold the great potential she has naturally inside of her. Living her life and working with her mediumship has became the pathway that allows her to serve life and people in her own way, helping to keep the balance between the spiritual and the physical. To contact Caroline click here.

Caroline is available for Assessments, Evidential sittings in Dutch and English and healing sessions.


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