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“Where happiness begins on the inside”

John is using ‘het Boomhuis’ (the Treehouse)  for his education in Spiritualism, Mediumship, Spirituality and Self Awareness.

Spiritualism: The production of knowledge about Spiritualism as a Science, Philosophy and Religion and within it, its spiritual power gives support, knowledge, understanding and healing for those who wish to receive it.

Wither we are wishing to simply understand our sensitivity or are already used to working with it, the courses here are designed to help support your personal growth within the unfoldment of your sensativity.

Not everyone is a ‘Medium’ but everyone has a sensitivity.

John is using het Boomhuis (the Treehouse) is his Spiritual House of encounter and development. It is open to anyone (over 18 years unless with a parent or guardian) who would like to learn how to deal with their own private sensitivity, and those who would like to unfold their own mediumship awareness by discovering how to bring it into your everyday life.

There are various activities taking place in the field of spirituality and mediumship, such as:
-Public evenings where healing is central;
-Demonstrations of mediumship, spirit communication;
-Trainings via development groups, workshops and special events;
-Private consultations as well as healing sessions and private healing sessions.

The driving forces behind the ‘ Treehouse ‘ are Marcelle and John Johnson who is a qualified Tutor from the SNU and a Tutor and Course Organiser at the world renowned Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, London.

It is a modern building, with some car parking in front of the door. The building is on one level and completely accessible to disabled people.


Feel free to come by and experience what spirituality and mediumship really is about……


The Treehouse, Beukenlaan 2A, 2612 VC Delft (Directions)

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