John has a great passion for teaching and helping those who are already working with their Mediumship and, those who have simply an interest in all things to do with Mediumship, Spiritual and Self development.


Groups are arranged in level of experience not only in years of experience.

You do not need to try to develop yourself to become a Medium, you may simply learn about your own sensitivity; many people think if they go to a course of Mediumship training they need to become a Medium or are told because they are sensitive they ‘must’ become a Medium!

John does not agree with this as no one ‘must’ do anything!

Some will try to be a “full time medium” within a few years of practice. It is normal that the awareness may be present but the student is not normally ready within themselves which leads to self destruction and insecurity, although most other ‘teachers’ will tell something else.

John recognises this true and honest development of awareness and is completely honest about it.

Very few, if any trainee mediums are ready to work fully as Mediums within 3 or 4 years of training. Many of the students that come to John have been going to John for anything up to 8 years, giving the students the freedom to follow the natural path of their own unfoldment, deepening there knowledge and understanding to a deeper than normal level.

This type of training helps and gives you the free will to decide if it is good for you or not, and then you know ‘when your ready’ and not an undeveloped Medium or Teacher telling you, ‘you are ready’ when you feel inside insecure and low in confidence.

These groups have normally 12-14 people as a maximum to support you in your development. Having groups of 20-30 or more, it is not possible to support you in your process of development.

Within these group sessions we will look at all aspects of Spiritualism and Mediumship development as an all round development in a safe enviroment where you can learn to express your sensitivity and understand yourself better and your Mediumship.

We welcome everyone to play a part in the Treehouse, some choose to embrace it and make themselves part of the experience, other choose to walk away. What will you do?


If you have any question about training then please contact us.

 Het Boomhuis, Beukenlaan 2a Delft

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