About me


After many years of living and working in the Netherlands I have now returned to Scotland to continue the expression of my work as a Medium, Tutor and as an Officiant of the SNU.

I will still go to the Netherlands in the 2nd half of 2018 to continue to teach the existing groups within ‘Het Boomhuis’ (The Treehouse) where the training courses and education have been held.

“Het Boomhuis” Delft will continue it’s work of a place of spirituality and healing this year as well as into the new year that lies ahead and beyond.

I am looking forward to meeting like minded people who have the same desire to learn about sensitivity and the possibilities in self and Mediumship unfoldment.

I will slowly be getting in touch with fellow Spiritualist in the coming weeks and months as well as attend churches and services allowing myself the time to get back involved within the Churches to see where i can perhaps join, help and support them as they continue to move forward.

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